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Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society

Volume 37, Issue 1, March 2022  pp. 63–85.

Analytic Lie extensions of number fields with cyclic fixed points and tame ramification

Authors:  Farshid Hajir and Christian Maire
Author institution:Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003, USA

Summary:  Let p be a prime number and K an algebraic number field. What is the arithmetic structure of infinite Galois extensions L/K having p-adic analytic Galois group Γ = Gal(L/K)? The celebrated Tame Fontaine-Mazur conjecture predicts that such extensions are either deeply ramified (at some prime dividing p) or ramified at an infinite number of primes. In this work, we take up a study (initiated by Boston) of this type of question under the assumption that L is Galois over some subfield k of K such that [K : k] is a prime l ≠ p. Letting σ be a generator of Gal(K/k), we study the constraints posed on the arithmetic of L/K by the cyclic action of σ on Γ, focusing on the critical role played by the fixed points of this action, and their relation to the ramification in L/K. The method of Boston works only when there are no non-trivial fixed points for this action. We show that even in the presence of arbitrarily many fixed points, the action of σ places severe arithmetic conditions on the existence of finitely and tamely ramified uniform p-adic analytic extensions over K, which in some instances leads us to be able to deduce the non-existence of such extensions over K from their non-existence over k.

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