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Moscow Mathematical Journal

Volume 23, Issue 3, July–September 2023  pp. 401–432.

Complements of Discriminants of Real Parabolic Function Singularities

Authors:  V. A. Vassiliev
Author institution:Department of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel


A conjecturally complete list of components of complements of discriminant varieties of parabolic singularities of smooth real functions is given. We also promote a combinatorial program that enumerates topological types of non-discriminant morsifications of isolated real function singularities and provides a strong invariant of the components of complements of discriminant varieties.

2020 Math. Subj. Class. Primary: 14Q30; Secondary: 14B07, 14P25.

Keywords: Discriminant, singularity, surgery, morsification.

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