This issue of the Moscow Mathematical Journal is dedicated to the memory of I. G. Petrovskii on the occasion of his 100th anniversary


Ivan Georgievich Petrovskii

S. Artemov and T. Yavorskaya (Sidon). On First Order Logic of Proofs [PDF] [Abstract]

J. Colliander, C. Kenig, and G. Staffilani. On Solutions for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili I Equation [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Fayad, A. Katok, and A. Windsor. Mixed Spectrum Reparameterizations of Linear Flows on T2 [PDF] [Abstract]

R. Fedorov. Lower Bounds for the Number of Orbital Topological Types of Planar Polynomial Vector Fields ``Modulo Limit Cycles'' [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Givental. Gromov-Witten Invariants and Quantization of Quadratic Hamiltonians [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Gurevich and S. Katok. Arithmetic Coding and Entropy for the Positive Geodesic Flow on the Modular Surface [PDF] [Abstract]

Yu. Ilyashenko and A. Panov. Some Upper Estimates of the Number of Limit Cycles of Planar Vector Fields with Applications to Liénard Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

N. Nadirashvili. An Application of Potential Analysis to Minimal Surfaces [PDF] [Abstract]

O. Sheinman. Second Order Casimirs for the Affine Krichever-Novikov Algebras $\widehat{\mathfrak{gl}}g,2$ and $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}g,2$ [PDF] [Abstract]

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Tenth Anniversary of the IUM. Opening talk of the IUM President Yu. Ilyashenko

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