MOSCOW MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL Volume 10 (2010), Number 4

This issue of the Moscow Mathematical Journal is dedicated to
Roland Lvovich Dobrushin

Yu. Bakhtin and K. Khanin. Localization and Perron–Frobenius Theory for Directed Polymers [PDF] [Abstract]

A.C.D. van Enter, R. Fernández, F. den Hollander, and F. Redig. A Large-Deviation View on Dynamical Gibbs-Non-Gibbs Transitions [PDF] [Abstract]

W. Faris. Combinatorial Species and Cluster Expansions [PDF] [Abstract]

J. Fritz. Application of Relaxation Schemes in the Microscopic Theory of Hydrodynamics [PDF] [Abstract]

P. Major. Estimation of Multiple Random Integrals and U-Statistics [PDF] [Abstract]

O. Ogievetsky and V. Schechtman. Nombres de Bernoulli et une formule de Schlömilch–Ramanujan [PDF] [Abstract]

E. Pechersky, E. Petrova, and S. Pirogov. Phase Transitions of Laminated Models at any Temperature [PDF] [Abstract]

L. Shepp. Probability Problems of Dobrushin Type [PDF] [Abstract]

E. Verbitskiy. Variational Principle for Fuzzy Gibbs Measures [PDF] [Abstract]

Sabir Medgidovich Gusein-Zade

Igor Krichever

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