R. A. Minlos

Robert Adolphovich Minlos

Robert A. Minlos is 80.

Robert Adolphovich Minlos is a bright prominent representative of the Moscow mathematical school. We admire his broad education, going far beyond mathematics, his care and love for his students and colleagues, his indifference to career success; his firm stand against the pressures and temptations of the Soviet regime.

His works always unite the intuitive beauty of physics with rigorous beauty of mathematics.

R. Minlos is famous for many fundamental results in generalized random processes on function spaces, functional integrals, superconductivity. And to crown it all is his research is in statistical physics, a subject created, in particular, by the activity of pursued by the world-renowned Moscow Statistical Physics seminar, run by Dobrushin, Malyshev, Minlos, and Sinai.

His high intelligence, his deep culture, his generous attitude towards his neighbour, make us all admire him and follow him as far as we can.

We congratulate Robert Adolphovich and wish him many happy returns of the day.

S. Gusein-Zade, Yu. Ilyashenko, V. Malyshev, S. Shlosman, Ya. Sinai, M. Tsfasman.

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