This issue is dedicated to Vladimir I. Arnold on the occasion of his 65th birthday


Vladimir Igorevich Arnold

E. Bierstone and P. Milman. Desingularization Algorithms I. Role of Exceptional Divisors [PDF] [Abstract]

I. Bogaevsky. New Singularities and Perestroikas of Fronts of Linear Waves [PDF] [Abstract]

Yu. Burman and M. Polyak. Geometry of Whitney-Type Formulas [PDF] [Abstract]

H. Cendra, J. Marsden, S. Pekarsky, and T. Ratiu. Variational Principles for Lie—Poisson and Hamilton—Poincaré Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

S. Chmutov. An Integral Generalization of the Gusein-Zade—Natanzon Theorem [PDF] [Abstract]

S. Duzhin. Decomposable Skew-Symmetric Functions [PDF] [Abstract]

E. Ferrand. Apparent Contours and their Legendrian Deformations [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Gekhtman, M. Shapiro, and A. Vainshtein. Cluster Algebras and Poisson Geometry [PDF] [Abstract]

J. Guckenheimer and Y. Xiang. Defining Equations for Bifurcations and Singularities [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Kharlamov and F. Sottile. Maximally Inflected Real Rational Curves [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Khesin. Geometry of Higher Helicities [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Khovanskii and D. Novikov. L-Convex-Concave Sets in Real Projective Space and L-Duality [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Neishtadt. On Averaging in Two-Frequency Systems with Small Hamiltonian and Much Smaller Non-Hamiltonian Perturbations [PDF] [Abstract]

S. Orevkov and E. Shustin. Pseudoholomorphic Algebraically Unrealizable Curves [PDF] [Abstract]

C. Peters and J. Steenbrink. Degeneration of the Leray Spectral Sequence for Certain Geometric Quotients [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Sedykh. On the Topology of Singularities of Maxwell Sets [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Sevryuk. The Classical KAM Theory at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Vassiliev. Spaces of Hermitian Operators with Simple Spectra and their Finite-Order Cohomology [PDF] [Abstract]

Y. Yomdin. The Center Problem for the Abel Equation, Compositions of Functions, and Moment Conditions (with Addendum by F. Pakovich) [PDF] [Abstract]

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