This issue of the Moscow Mathematical Journal is dedicated to Sergey P. Novikov on the occasion of his 65th birthday


Sergey Petrovich Novikov

V. Arnold. Frequent Representations [PDF] [Abstract]

S. Bogatyi, D. Gonçalves, E. Kudryavtseva, and H. Zieschang. On the Wecken Property for the Root Problem of Mappings between Surfaces [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Feigin, J. Hong, and T. Miwa. A Construction of Level 1 Irreducible Modules for Uq(sp4ˆ) using Level 2 Intertwiners for Uq(sl2ˆ) [PDF] [Abstract]

G. Felder and A. Veselov. Action of Coxeter Groups on m-Harmonic Polynomials and Knizhnik—Zamolodchikov Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Mikhailov and V. Novikov. Classification of Integrable Benjamin—Ono-Type Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Olshanetsky. The Large N limits of integrable models [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Ranicki. Blanchfield and Seifert Algebra in High-Dimensional Knot Theory [PDF] [Abstract]

J. Sanders and J. Wang. Integrable Systems in n-Dimensional Riemannian Geometry [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Schlichenmaier. Higher Genus Affine Algebras of Krichever—Novikov Type [PDF] [Abstract]

Ya. Sinai. Uniform Distribution in the (3x+1)-Problem [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Vershik. Strange Factor Representations of Type II1 and Pairs of Dual Dynamical Systems [PDF] [Abstract]

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