This issue of the Moscow Mathematical Journal is dedicated to Boris Feigin on the occasion of his 50th birthday

Boris Feigin

A. Beilinson, R. Bezrukavnikov, and I. MirkoviŠ. Tilting Exercises [PDF] [Abstract]

R. Bezrukavnikov and D. Kaledin. Fedosov Quantization in Algebraic Context [PDF] [Abstract]

H. Boos, V. Korepin, and F. Smirnov. New Formulae for Solutions to Quantum Knizhnik—Zamolodchikov Equations of Level −4 and Correlation Functions [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Drinfeld. On the Notion of Geometric Realization [PDF] [Abstract]

P. Etingof and V. Ostrik. Finite Tensor Categories [PDF] [Abstract]

E. Frenkel. Opers on the Projective Line, Flag Manifolds and Bethe Ansatz [PDF] [Abstract]

D. Fuchs and T. Ishkhanov. Invariants of Legendrian Knots and Decompositions of Front Diagrams [PDF] [Abstract]

W. Gan and V. Ginzburg. Hamiltonian Reduction and Maurer—Cartan Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Gorbounov and F. Malikov. Vertex Algebras and the Landau—Ginzburg/Calabi—Yau Correspondence [PDF] [Abstract]

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