A. Beilinson. Remarks on Topological Algebras [PDF] [Abstract]

Yu. Berest, O. Chalykh, and F. Eshmatov. Recollement of Deformed Preprojective Algebras and the Calogero–Moser Correspondence [PDF] [Abstract]

R. Bezrukavnikov and M. Finkelberg. Equivariant Satake Category and Kostant–Whittaker Reduction [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Garay. Vanishing Cycles in Complex Symplectic Geometry [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Gorelik and V. Serganova. On Representations of the Affine Superalgebra q(n)(2) [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Ostrik. Pre-Modular Categories of Rank 3 [PDF] [Abstract]

R. Rouquier. q-Schur Algebras and Complex Reflection Groups [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Rybko and S. Shlosman. Phase Transitions in the Queuing Networks and the Violation of the Poisson Hypothesis [PDF] [Abstract]

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