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Journal of Operator Theory

Journal of Operator Theory

The Journal of Operator Theory is published by the Theta Foundation in Bucharest with the cooperation of the Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy. The Journal of Operator Theory endeavours to publish significant articles in all areas of operator theory, operator algebras and closely related domains. Two volumes are published each year and each volume consists of two issues.

Manuscripts can be written in English (preferable), French, or German. Preference will be given to manuscripts between 10 and 40 typewritten pages. High standards are applied in evaluating submitted papers. To submit a paper, an author should either mail two hard paper copies of the manuscript or e-mail the manuscript as a PDF file, to one of the Editors. In both cases, a submission cover letter is needed. The submission of a paper carries with it the author's assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere. Detailed instructions for authors can be seen in the Guidelines for Authors. After acceptance, authors should e-mail the source file (AMS-LaTeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, TeX, or the like) to the Editorial Office in Bucharest.

The Journal of Operator Theory is distributed by the American Mathematical Society. Subscription and back volume orders should be addressed to

American Mathematical Society
PO Box 845904
Boston, MA 02284
E-mail: bookstore@ams.org URL: http://www.ams.org

Accepted articles will be posted under Recently Posted Articles as soon as they are typeset in final form. All issues of the Journal of Operator Theory starting with volume 1 (1979) are posted on this site and the full-text articles in pdf format are available to subscribers.

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