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Journal of Operator Theory

Volume 37, Issue 2, Spring 1997  pp. 281-302.

Composition of subfactors and twisted bicrossed products

Authors Jeong Hee Hong (1) and Wojciech Szymanski (2)
Author institution: (1) Department of Applied Mathematics, Korea Maritime University, Pusan, 606-791, KOREA. E-mail:
(2) Department of Mathematics, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW 2308, AUSTRALIA. E-mail:

Summary:  Subfactors of the form $\mathbb P^H \subset \mathbb P \rtimes K$, where H, K are finite groups of outer automorphisms of a finite factor $\mathbb P$, are studied. The corresponding Jones tower and some relative commutants are explicitly described. Hopf *-algebras related to the depth 2 case are calculated. These turn out to have the structure of cocycle twisted bicrossed products. Definitions, properties, and several examples of such twisted bicrossed products are given.

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