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Journal of Operator Theory

Volume 64, Issue 1, Summer 2010  pp. 3-17.

Morita type equivalences and reflexive algebras

Authors G.K. Eleftherakis
Author institution: Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis, 15784, Greece

Summary:  Two unital dual operator algebras $\cl{A}, \cl{B}$ are called $\Delta $-equivalent if there exists an equivalence functor $\cl{F}: \, _{\cl{A}}\mathfrak{M}\rightarrow \, _{\cl{B}}\mathfrak{M}$ which `extends" to a $*$-functor implementing an equivalence between the categories $_{\cl{A}}\mathfrak{DM}$ and $_{\cl{B}}\mathfrak{DM}.$ Here $_{\cl{A}}\mathfrak{M}$ denotes the category of normal representations of $\cl{A}$ and $_{\cl{A}}\mathfrak{DM}$ denotes the category with the same objects as $_{\cl{A}}\mathfrak{M}$ and $\Delta (\cl{A})$-module maps as morphisms ($\Delta (\cl{A})=\cl{A}\cap \cl{A}^*$). We prove that any such functor maps completely isometric representations to completely isometric representations, `respects" the lattices of the algebras and maps reflexive algebras to reflexive algebras. We present applications to the class of CSL algebras.

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