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Journal of Operator Theory

Volume 74, Issue 1, Summer 2015  pp. 3-21.

Existence of the tracial Rokhlin property

Authors:  Michael Y. Sun

Summary: We show by construction that when $G$ is an elementary amenable group and $A$ is a unital simple nuclear and tracially approximately divisible $C^*$-algebra, there exists an action $\omega$ of $G$ on $A$ with the tracial Rokhlin property in the sense of Matui and Sato. In particular, group actions with this Matui--Sato tracial Rokhlin property always exist for unital simple separable nuclear $C^*$-algebras with tracial rank at most one. If $A$ is simple with rational tracial rank at most one, then the crossed product $A\rtimes_{\omega}G$ is also simple with rational tracial rank at most one.

Keywords: $C^*$-algebras, group action, tracial, Rokhlin property, approximately divisible

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