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Journal of Operator Theory

Volume 83, Issue 1, Winter 2020  pp. 197-228.

A few observations on Weaver's quantum relations

Authors:  Adri\'an M. Gonz\'alez-P\'erez
Author institution:LBBP, Univ. of Clermont Auvergne,\break 3 place Vasarely Aubi{\`e}re Cedex, 63178, France

Summary: Recently, a notion of quantum relation over a von Neumann algebra $\mathcal{M}$ has been introduced by Weaver. That definition generalizes the concept of a relation over a set. We prove that quantum relations over $\mathcal{M}$ are in bijective correspondence with weakly closed left ideals in $\mathcal{M} \otimes_\mathrm{e h} \mathcal{M}$, where $\otimes_\mathrm{e h}$ represents the extended Haagerup tensor product. The key step of the proof is showing a double annihilator relation between operator bimodules and the bimodular maps annihilating them. As an application, we study invariant quantum relations over a group von Neumann algebra.

Keywords: operator spaces, von Neumann algebras, bimodules, tensor products, noncommutative geometry

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