MOSCOW MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL Volume 11 (2011), Number 1

H. Andersen and M. Kaneda. Rigidity of Tilting Modules [PDF] [Abstract]

Y. Genzmer and E. Paul. Normal Forms of Foliations and Curves Defined by a Function with a Generic Tangent Cone [PDF] [Abstract]

Y. Ihara and K. Matsumoto. On log L and L'/L for L-Functions and the Associated “M-Functions”: Connections in Optimal Cases [PDF] [Abstract]

R. Minlos. On Point-Like Interaction between n Fermions and Another Particle [PDF] [Abstract]

N. Moshchevitin. A Note on Badly Approximable Affine Forms and Winning Sets [PDF] [Abstract]

O. Musin. On Rigid Hirzebruch Genera [PDF] [Abstract]

N. Nadirashvili. On Derivatives of Viscosity Solutions to Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Shcherbakov. Metrics and Smooth Uniformisation of Leaves of Holomorphic Foliations [PDF] [Abstract]

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