MOSCOW MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL Volume 12 (2012), Number 2

To the seventy-fifth anniversary of
Vladimir Igorevich Arnold

(June 12, 1937–June 3, 2010)

F. Aicardi. Rational Tangles and the Modular Group [PDF] [Abstract]

R.-O. Buchweitz and D. van Straten. An Index Theorem for Modules on a Hypersurface Singularity [PDF] [Abstract]

D. Daigle and A. Melle-Hernández. Linear Systems of Rational Curves on Rational Surfaces [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Davydov and A. Platov. Optimal Stationary Solution in Forest Management Model by Accounting Intra-Species Competition [PDF] [Abstract]

L. Gatto and I. Scherbak. “On One Property of One Solution of One Equation” or Linear ODE's, Wronskians and Schubert Calculus [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Gekhtman, M. Shapiro, and A. Vainshtein. Cluster Structures on Simple Complex Lie Groups and Belavin–Drinfeld Classification [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Goryunov and J. Haddley. Invariant Symmetries of Unimodal Function Singularities [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Granger, D. Mond, and M. Schulze. Partial Normalizations of Coxeter Arrangements and Discriminants [PDF] [Abstract]

K. Kaveh and A. Khovanskii. Convex Bodies Associated to Actions of Reductive Groups [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Kazarian and S. Lando. Topological Relations on Witten–Kontsevich and Hodge Potentials [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Khesin. Symplectic Structures and Dynamics on Vortex Membranes [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Sevryuk. KAM Theory for Lower Dimensional Tori within the Reversible Context 2 [PDF] [Abstract]

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