This issue — as well as two preceding ones — is dedicated to Yuri I. Manin on the occasion of his 65th birthday


Yuri Ivanovich Manin

S. Gindikin. An Analytic Separation of Series of Representations for SL(2;R) [PDF] [Abstract]

D. Grigoriev, E. Hirsch, and D. Pasechnik. Complexity of Semialgebraic Proofs [PDF] [Abstract]

B. Gross. Unramified Reciprocal Polynomials and Coxeter Decompositions [PDF] [Abstract]

N. Koblitz. Good and Bad Uses of Elliptic Curves in Cryptography [PDF] [Abstract]

I. Krichever. Isomonodromy Equations on Algebraic Curves, Canonical Transformations and Whitham Equations [PDF] [Abstract]

I. Penkov and V. Serganova. Generalized Harish-Chandra Modules [PDF] [Abstract]

M. Wodzicki. Vestigia Investiganda [PDF] [Abstract]

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