G. Carlet, B. Dubrovin, and Y. Zhang. The Extended Toda Hierarchy [PDF] [Abstract]

Yu. Flicker and D. Zinoviev. Twisted character of a small representation of PGL(4) [PDF] [Abstract]

L. Friedlander. Remarks on the Membrane and Buckling Eigenvalues for Planar Domains [PDF] [Abstract]

A. Gorodentsev and S. Kuleshov. Helix Theory [PDF] [Abstract]

V. Malyshev, S. Pirogov, and A. Rybko. Random Walks and Chemical Networks [PDF] [Abstract]

P. Mardešić, R. Roussarie, and C. Rousseau. Modulus of Analytic Classification for Unfoldings of Generic Parabolic Diffeomorphisms [PDF] [Abstract]

F. Pablos Romo. Theta Groups over Extensions of Abelian Varieties by Unipotent Groups [PDF] [Abstract]

D. Ueltschi. Cluster Expansions and Correlation Functions [PDF] [Abstract]

I. Zverovich. Weighted Well-Covered Graphs and Complexity Questions [PDF] [Abstract]


J. Colliander, C. E. Kenig, and G. Staffilani. On Solutions for the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili I Equation [PDF]

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